''Continuous thread'' is a project that is based on the artwork ''founden threads''.


In 2016, Alexandra Pambouka created this installation which is made of crochet jude twine and branches. The basic idea is that the artwork can be in a continuously change (like humanity). It can be applied in any space, be rolled, be stretched and fit in a suitcase. Every time that it will be exhibited it will be in a different form. 

The human being has always been moving for survival οr progression. Memories, customs and traditions are his only heritage - House.

In a shifting period the traditional patterns are not reproduced the same. Someone can ‘knit’ their own history by taking the "founden threads" according to their measures. 


At this moment, artists, craftsmen and other volunteers are invited to participate to the process of transforming the installation and to be a part of the ''Continuous thread''.  As a result the artwork becomes a socially engaged practice.